L'Athletique d'Haiti
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Welcome to
L'Athletique D'Haiti

L'Athletique d'Haiti,
which translates to Athletics of Haiti,
was founded and created in 1995;
and has been instrumental since its inception, in contributing to the Haitian culture and society by promoting a positive influence to children in Haiti.


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Upcoming Events

The Organization contributes to the improvement of the general environment in Haiti where young girls and boys can discover through a sports program - the values of commitment, of setting objectives, of making sacrifices and most importantly of achievement and the realization of basic goals that are necessary to succeed in life.

L'Athletique d'Haiti was founded and is headed by Mr. Robert Duval, an exemplary and accomplished individual who devotes his life to providing opportunities for these children and their families to have a brighter future, particularly through sports.

The Organization, which started with only a handful of kids, now accommodates 650 children!

Mr. Duval and his organization provide training in soccer, basketball, track and field, and volleyball. They also provide to these youths: a hot meal, transportation to and from practice sessions, funds for medical expenses and full tuition costs in addition to offering other contributions for participants' education. This program is free of charge to the participants and initially was funded at Robert Duval's personal expense only.

Presently, L'Athletique d'Haiti depends on support received from a very small number of sympathetic private donors through donations of food, equipment, clothing and minimal monetary contributions.

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