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L'Athletique d'Haiti


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Press Release

L'Athletique d'Haiti is a non-profit organization which has been instrumental during the past five years in providing training in soccer, basketball, track and field, and volleyball to over 650 boys and girls. The program also provides a daily meal, transportation to and from practice sessions, funds for medical expenses and full tuition costs in addition to other contributions for participants education.

L'Athletique d'Haiti contributes to the improvement of the general environment in Haiti where young boys and girls can discover through sports the values of commitment, teamwork, setting objectives, making sacrifices and most importantly the achievement and realization of basic goals that are necessary to succeed in life. This organization is headed by Mr. Robert Duval, an exemplary and accomplished individual who devotes his life to providing opportunities for young children and their families to have a brighter future through sports.

L'Athletique d'Haiti is a fully accredited organization which has received international recognition. The organization has been featured on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, ESPN Canada, the New York Times, Haitian Times, Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel of Florida.

For more information please contact Jocelyne Lecorps at (718) 670-7054 or email us at or visit us at our web site at